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Will the benchtop UltraStream fit my kitchen tap/faucet?

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The standard adaptor kit that is included with the UltraStream will fit most kitchen sinks

The flow diverter and adaptors are designed to fit taps with male and female threads with a diameter of 21 – 23 mm. Four adaptors are included with every new benchtop UltraStream to connect the flow diverter to different sized taps. If your flow diverter is leaking only a small amount, you can try applying plumber’s tape to the thread of the adaptor ring.

If none of the provided adaptor rings fit your tap, we have the following solutions:

  • We have some specially sized adaptors. To help us find the right adaptor for you, we need to see a photo with an accurate measurement of your tap or aerator (this is the part that screws off from the end of your kitchen tap).
  • You could install the UltraStream under the sink using our Undersink Kit.
  • Jubilee Fitting (see photo) is a rubber fitting which can go over you faucet and secured to the tap with a metal clamp

  • You could change your kitchen tap.
  • You could use the UltraStream in your bathroom or laundry.
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