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Why has the water slowed or stopped coming out of my UltraStream?

Category: UltraStream

It is likely you have accidentally turned off the water flow at the blue and white tap on the bottom of the UltraStream.

To check to see if this is the problem:

  1. Turn your UltraStream on it’s side.
  2. On the bottom you will see a base plate with two holes.
  3. Put your fingers into these holes and pull the base plate off.
  4. Once you have done this you will see a blue and white tap.
  5. You can adjust this tap to any water flow you require:
    – The flow is on full when the tap is inline with the incoming hose.
    – The flow is off when the tap is 90 degrees from the incoming hose.
    You may need to turn it off and on if it doesn’t work straight away.

OR the input hose feeding water into your UltraStream has become kinked. Follow the above instruction to check if the hose is kinked inside the base.

OR if the UltraStream is installed under the sink you may have inadvertently pushed the Grey JG Converter in too far.

In this case, please do the following as soon a possible:

  1. Turn off the cold water connector under the sink.
  2. Use the ‘John Guest’ spanner and take out the Grey ‘John Guest’ Converter on the top of the UltraStream. Check to see if you have the clear plastic tubing on the stem.
  3. Replace it with the spout.
  4. Put water through the UltraStream by turning the cold water connector back on (make sure you have the UltraStream on the sink of have a bucket for the water to flow into)
  5. If the water starts to flow again don’t reinsert the old Grey ‘John Guest’ Converter.
  6. Phone AlkaWay for a new Grey ‘John Guest’ Converter to replace your old one.

OR if the above doesn’t work then it may have blocked up prematurely due to a municipal pipe flush which creates a lot of sediment in the water, or you may be overdue for a new replacement filter.

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