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How long will the UltraStream filter last?

An UltraStream filter will last 12 months – depending, as always, on source water conditions and use. Our 12-month recommendation is based on a family of 4, who use about 2.1 gallons per day (8 glasses / 65 fluid oz each) for drinking and cooking. If you use less, your filter may last longer. More […]

Can the UltraStream remove Fluoride?

Yes. Through lengthy research and development, the UltraStream uses the world’s best-activated alumina media, removing 78% of Fluoride throughout the life of the filter. Review or download our lab test results. Up to 95% of Fluoride can be removed when the UltraStream is installed with an additional Fluoride Pre-filter.

Can I adjust the pH of the UltraStream water?

All of the attributes of UltraStream water can be controlled by flow rate. The faster the water flows through, the less hydrogen potent it is. We recommend a flow rate of around 0.26 GPM for the best performance. You can easily adjust the flow of the UltraStream by adjusting a small tap underneath the base […]

Can I connect the UltraStream to existing Reverse Osmosis?

Yes, the UltraStream can be connected in series with a reverse osmosis (RO) system. It will add powerful alkalizing and ionizing abilities to your acidic, mineral-depleting RO water. You could also remove the RO system completely and replace it with the UltraStream.

Can I use UltraStream if I have a whole house water softener?

Yes, unlike electric water ionizers, the UltraStream will also work well with a water softener. Softened water isn’t something you want to drink or cook with, so the UltraStream is a great solution for consumption when you need to maintain soft water for appliance life and showering.

How well does the UltraStream improve pH?

Our independent laboratory tests used a water sample that was a ‘witches brew’ of pesticides, volatile organics, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, and minerals. The UltraStream changed an input pH of 7 to an output pH 9 in these tests. We’ve pushed the lab much farther than the normal lab tests by asking for performance statistics […]

Why is molecular Hydrogen (H2) so important?

It is a selective antioxidant It targets and neutralizes the harmful, cytotoxic free radicals, such as hydroxyl radicals. Scientific studies have concluded that Hydrogen may help and prevent a range of diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, arthritis, gout, and other inflammatory-related degenerative diseases.

Are there any precautions before drinking UltraStream water?

The only consideration is for those taking pharmaceutical medicine or suffering from kidney disease. We recommend you consult with your doctor. UltraStream water may be delivered to the cells more efficiently than tap or bottled, so we recommend not taking any medications with it. We suggest you stop drinking 30 minutes prior to taking the […]