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How do I install the UltraStream?

There are 2 ways to install the UltraStream. 1. Benchtop – For this connection to work, the faucet has to be “normal”. Normal means the tap doesn’t convert to a shower spray, pull out or have a non-standard head. You’ll utilize a diverter valve to control the water flow. When the slider of the diverter […]

I can’t find the right sized adaptor ring to fit my kitchen tap

The easiest way to find out the size of the thread in your mixer tap or faucet is to remove the aerator (this is the part that screws off at the end of your tap) and measure the diameter (across the centre) of the thread. Take a clear photo with an accurate measurement of your […]

The Faucet attachment and why some people have problems

Attaching your UltraStream to your kitchen faucet is, in 95% of cases, easy. 1. Remove the existing ‘bubbler’ from your tap 2. Attach the included diverter to your tap. Attach the diverter’s hose to your UltraStream. Benchtop Installation Video However.. Some newer faucets do not fit the thread of the diverter. In this case you […]

How do the Quickfit fittings work on the UltraStream?

John Guest Quickfittings are a patented, simple method of attaching hoses, capable of withstanding mains pressure. To make a connection the tube is simply pushed in (hard) by hand. The unique patented John Guest collet locking system then holds the tube firmly in place without deforming it or restricting flow. To remove it, push the collet around […]

What is the purpose of the tap under the UltraStream?

The blue tap under the UltraStream is where we connect the inlet hose. The tap also controls the flow into the UltraStream, which, in turn, affects the output alkalinity of the water. When you install your UltraStream, adjust the tap until you have around 1 litre of water output per minute. To get to the […]

What is the idea of the Swiveling Base?

The base of the UltraStream aligns with the ON/OFF lever of the inlet tap. Originally, our design concept was that you could alter flow rate by swivelling the UltraStream (It works – try it out!) which in turn made the base swivel. However we found that it also caused some confusion. Users would swivel the […]

What about my Stainless Steel Sleeve on my UltraStream?

In our design of the Ultrastream we wanted to – where possible – reduce waste of materials. We really wanted a stainless steel outer sleeve for strength and cleanliness, but didn’t want to throw it away with each filter change, so we had our engineers create a removable sleeve. It’s a tight fit, and so […]

Why do I need long hoses on my undersink? Can’t I just cut them short?

The value in keeping long hoses comes when you are down on your knees replacing your Ultrastream filter. With long hoses it’s easy because you can remove the whole unit and perform the change on the bench above. With short hoses, you have to reach into the undersink spave to remove hoses. Not fun.