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Sodium is salt, is that good for you?

Like almost everything too much sodium can be bad for your health as it has been linked to an increase in blood pressure and other cardiac problems. This doesn’t mean sodium is bad for you. In fact, sodium is an essential trace element. Among other things, the body uses it to maintain the fluid balance of our […]

What can I expect from early effects of Drinking UltraStream Water?

Everyone has a different reaction to UltraStream water. It is not just ultra pure: it is also mineralised, alkaline, energised and rich in molecular hydrogen, so your body will acknowledge that there’s something happening in its hydration effect. We’ve seen many reactions: immediate pain relief, greater urination, energy surges, a thirst for more, the feeling […]

Is AlkaWay UltraStream Hydrogen water for dogs or cats?

Yes. But let’s be honest here. Our Reggie is as finicky about what he eats and drinks as some teenagers we know. He still prefers the water from the saucer under our Peace lily. Cats are just as headstrong. That being said, over the years we have had many heartwarming stories about how the water […]

Will the hydrogen level be the same for the life of the filter?

No. It will reduce over the life of the filter. This is related: a) to the suitability of your water in terms of TDS and pH b) the intervals between uses. Ideally you should attempt to get a glass of water, wait up to an hour, then repeat. This aligns with most people’s drinking habits […]

Will it filter bacteria and viruses?

Yes. Our latest version, the Mk IV, has integrated Virus Guardian technology which has NSF approval for up to 99% removal of viruses, bacteria and cysts.