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What is Alkaline Water

The most basic definition of alkaline water is any water that has a higher pH level than 7. There are a number of ways to make alkaline water;

  • Natural alkaline water is water with alkaline minerals dissolved in the water. These include calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.
  • Electronic alkaline water this water uses electric plates to concentrate the alkaline minerals ions.

For optimum health, we need to be slightly alkaline. The UltraSteam uses 9 layers to recreate the natural alkalising process similar to spring water.

Why Drink Alkaline Water

20 Years and 10,000+ satisfied Customers.

After 20 years and ten thousand plus AlkaWay Alkaline Water customers, we’ve been able to observe the effects of drinking alkaline water and eating alkaline food has had on thousands of people. 

The stories are many and varied, but the facts, as shown in this summary of 100 different scientific studies in different countries, are that drinking alkaline water was shown to reduce a person’s susceptibility to major disease types, reduce their acid overload and enhance their longevity.

Finally, we drink because we can. Because we love it.

Why Drink Alkaline Water

AlkaWay Water is Natural Alkaline. Real Alkaline water.

Our studies indicate that wherever a population drinks natural alkaline water, they experience better health. Alkaline Water containing alkaline minerals.

Natural Alkaline Water supplies us with alkaline minerals that the body can store (buffered). They are called upon when our metabolism is overloaded with acids.

Electrolyzed alkaline water (No added alkaline minerals) is known as unbuffered. Compared to natural Alkaline Water it has a very low ability to neutralize acids.

Many water ionizers give a high pH but add no alkaline minerals. You may not actually be drinking high Alkaline Water, but high pH water.

Alkaline Water Frequantly Ask Questions

Yes! Here at AlkaWay, we’ve been drinking it for 21 years. Even the WHO recommends alkaline water as your first choice.

Yes. The water in your body – the water that every cell is bathed in, is saline and alkaline. Replenishing it with anything other than alkaline water means the body must draw alkaline minerals from organs and bones to rebalance its osmolarity.

If you research on the net you will see many benefits quoted including a range of health conditions. We do not make therapeutic claims about alkaline water, but we suggest you research yourself.

Alkaline Water Frequantly Ask Questions

What is pH

The Potential of Hydrogen (pH) range indicates how acidic or alkaline a liquid is.

In actuality, pH measures the number of hydrogen ions in a liquid.

The pH scale range is from 0-14. A pH of 7.0 is neutral. The higher the pH (over 7) the more alkaline. The lower the pH (less than 7) the more acidic.

What is Alkalinity

Alkalinity is the amount of minerals in the water, the actual mineral concentration of the water. Normally the higher the Total Dissolved Solids, the more alkaline minerals are in the water, so the higher the alkalinity of the water. Alkalinity is also measured in pH.

Alkaline Water can have high alkalinity, but if it’s carbonated it also has a low pH.

Ideally, water should have slightly higher levels of Alkaline mineral (TDS) and a higher pH (say a pH up to 9)…

In theory, a Coffee make with water at a pH of 7, makes a Coffee at a pH of 5. Therefore, a coffee made from water with a pH of 9, should make a coffee with a pH of 7. two points less on the pH scale.

The Story So Far

Alkaline water – water with alkaline minerals in it – has been extensively studied and shown to be beneficial.

True Alkaline Water is available. The UltraStream water filtration system filters purify and alkalize your tap water. It costs less than electrolysis-inflated pH water, it has real alkaline minerals, and it costs far less to install.

Additional independence testing has revealed that the UltraStream also infuses the water with molecular hydrogen via a magnesium water reaction.

Tap Water Misconceptions


Most people believe that the water from their tap is adequate for their family’s health, despite the fact that there are now 600+ contaminants recorded by the US EPA, few of which have any data on limits or effects on health.

Over 200 US cities have excess lead in their drinking water.  Many more have the newly detected PFOAs. And fluoride is in most US water supplies, as are chloramines (Chlorine and Ammonia) – known carcinogens.

Most water supplies are chemically manipulated by authorities to be slightly above pH 7 – neutral.  This is because acid water eats into old pipes, infusing lead and heavy metals. So yes, you may have Alkaline Water… but it’s probably weakly alkaline. If it’s not, then you are one of the lucky ones.