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UltraStream Benchtop

Ideal for Renters
$ 999
  • Easy to install
  • Superior Water Filtration
  • Connects to most kitchen faucets
  • Only 33c litre / 12c after filter change

UltraStream Undersink

Perfect for Owners
$ 1300
  • Installation included in SG
  • Superior Water Filtration
  • Separate Faucets
  • Only 43c litre / 12c after filter change

UltraStream Filter

For Benchtop & Undersink
$ 365
  • Easy to change
  • Superior Water Filtration​
  • Only 12c per litre
  • Black and White

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Patricia K.
Patricia K.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Not only is hydrogen water of best quality through magnesium hydrolysis but also the filtration method is great as it filters chlorine and chrosamines and flouride and got virus guard. No electricity and back water issues.. White Bench top filter looks nice and just need to change filter yearly. So easy to use. Water taste smoother and nicer than all my previous filters. also feel more energetic and alert. Highly recommended

1 year ago
Mr Tan
Mr Tan

I just want to focus on expressing my thoughts on Alkaway’s amazing customer service. They have been extremely helpful, and have such a solid genuine customer focused mantra, I would say they are one of the best companies you could ever deal with, if any issues arise they will be happy to help, so thank you Alkaway!

2 years ago

Thank you, appreciated the heads up to replace the cartridge. We love our clean water and get regular compliments from our visitors on the quality of water. We always endeavour to take enough water from home when away.

2 years ago

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We have been in business for 21+ years and have established our place in the market as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of alkaline water filters, suppliers of hydrogen water and Hydrogen products including alkaline and green supplements.

Water infused with Hydrogen and naturally alkalise is the backbone of our alkaline living philosophy. We designed our water and supplement products to give you every chance to live the type of vital life we all aspire too.

We have relished in helping 12,000 + customers worldwide to reclaim their health by providing the most effective forms of nutrition, hydration, and detoxification customised to their particular circumstances and needs.

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We are very proud of our line of alkaline, alkaline water, and hydrogen products.

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